Happy Birthday, Mom

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I don’t like to talk about my family too much online. They’re private people and I try to respect that (sometimes). But today is a special day and so even if it makes her a little bit antsy, I want to take this chance to call my mom out on being the wonderful lady she is. She was one of nine kids in a poor family. She grew up in the South with loving, progressive parents. Her childhood was full of playing sports and Catholic education. She was raised to work for justice and to strive for equality. She dealt with heartache and with challenge. She was (and is) the life of the party, the hardest worker I’ve ever seen, and the most moral person you’ll ever meet. She’s someone I’m lucky to know.

So on this day of days, happy birthday, Mom. I hope it’s a great one and I hope most of all that there are many many more still to come.