Music Minute

I happen to be fortunate enough to spend my days with the nicest guy I know. He’s also an incredibly talented musician with great taste and a knack for finding and sharing bands I’ve never heard of before. He’s agreed to do an occasional post sharing a band or two that he thinks are worth having a listen. 

I recently discovered a band called “Gem Club” on Spotify. They’ve been around for almost 5 years now, with 2 albums and an EP under their belt, but only recently did they blossom into being a “national act” with their 2014 release, In Roses.
Their sound has an immediate familiarity to it – repetitive pianos and beautiful string arrangements lay the foundation for most of their tracks. Singer Christopher Barnes lays (sometimes incomprehensible) vocal melodies over the patient soundscapes and songs on the album flow together with ease.
This is an album to unwind or study with on a rainy evening. Fans of the bands “Other Lives,” “Eluvium,” and “S. Carey” should take a listen to “Gem Club.”