Time Management

Organizing has always been my strongest suit. When I’m motivated enough to do it anyway. Luckily, I’m in the motivated kind of mood so just when you thought I’d stopped posting about planners and planning, I’ve got something else up my sleeve.

I shared my monthly calendar with you on Tuesday. It’s simple and elegant. I use it to keep track of social events, to make it easy to see the whole month in a glance, and to make weekly goals for myself.

On a day to day basis I need something more though. For me, I get the most use out of having everything on one sheet broken into categories I use most.


It’s still in prototype development. My plan is to tweak it each week until I find a setup that works best for me. Bonus for you, I’ll make all versions of it available for download so you can have your pick.

I have mine broken into sections:

  • a running to-do list that is still visible when my monthly calendar is stacked on top of it (I use legal sized paper to get that effect),
  • a large blank space for notes (currently housing my grocery shopping),
  • a space for my weekly budget (not using it very much-I’ll change this section for next week),
  • a space to state a weekly goal and make action plans (again, not using very much),
  • and along the bottom I have a weekly calendar with space for
    • plans and activities,
    • blog posts,
    • and meal plans each day.

I have a few ideas for what should go in those blank spaces but I’m open to suggestions. What would you find useful?

When coming up with the plan for this to do list, my ultimate goal was to be able to manage my time for effectively. I do that by putting in the items that have a set schedule (work, class) and working out from there (adding transport times, preparation time, meals). Then I block out how much other time I need. For me that’s 2 hours needed for job 2 that need to fit in outside of an 8:30-5 job that is 40 minutes away from my house and daily classes from 6-7:30 with a 30 minute commute. Once you’ve gotten down all of the concrete items, you can manipulate the flexible items (job 2) into place.

This weekend I plan on making a digital version of the to-do list I’ve been using for easy prep each week so if you have ideas for what you’d like to see in those blank spaces, get them in soon!



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