Recipe: Inspired Gin and Tonic


My boyfriend and I were at a party a few years ago and met a girl who was really interested in our relationship. At one point in the interrogation conversation she asked us what we felt we had gotten out of the relationship and the other person. I gave a long winded and alcohol fuel answered about the beauty of music and how grateful I was to have had such a well rounded introduction to both music listening and music making. Satisfied with my answer I turned to Nick and he said “Well…I won’t drink cheap alcohol anymore.”

I wasn’t offended and I’m still not. I don’t indulge in many vices and when I do I make a point of trying to experience the best that I can. I’m proud of that.

While I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago we ate at China Poblano, a restaurant in The Cosmopolitan. I had a Mexican styled Gin and Tonic and my mom had a Chinese styled one. They. are. incredible. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to recreate the recipe and this is what I’ve got so far.


Poblano Gin and Tonic


Hendrick’s Gin

St. Germain liqueur

Orange or Lemon Simple Syrup (recipe below)

Cilantro, orange peel, and marigold (marigold optional)


Tonic Water


To make:

Measure and pour one shot of Hendrick’s into your tumbler. Add a quarter to a half of a shot of St. Germain depending on how sweet you like your drinks. Add no more than half a shot of simple syrup to the drink to sweeten. Garnish with cilantro and orange peel (I like to add cuts to the inside of the orange slice to release more flavor). Add ice, top with tonic water, and serve.


China Gin and Tonic:


Saphire gin

Lemon simple syrup

Ginger, cucumber peel, lemon peel


Tonic Water


To make:

Pour out one shot of Saphire into your tumbler. Add half a shot of lemon simple syrup. Place a slice of ginger, cucumber peel, and lemon peel in the glass. Top with ice and fill with tonic. Serve.



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