Perfect Presents


Apparently this is present week over here. I started a post about relationships since my boo came into town but he got here before I finished it and kinda ruined the sentimentality. Maybe another time.


So presents. I get intense when it comes to giving gifts. Planning begins December 26th of the previous year. Talking to me or entering my workshop while I’m working on presents will set me into a flying tizzy. You would think we’re dealing with trade secrets or government intel but really I’m just into a well thought out and heartfelt surprise. And that comes all the way down to the packaging.

I’m serious about my wrapping. Each year I choose a color or a theme. Last year it was art deco, the year before I glued crazy eyes to every present. This year I’m going for a homemade/rustic approach. I know that wrapping presents isn’t particularly difficult but a little goes a long way. Beautiful and thoughtful wrapping elevates the entire experience of giving and receiving and I won’t give a gift without it.

Here’s what you need:

-Wrapping paper



-A flat, clean surface

-Ribbon or twine


-An add on (I normally use small ornaments to break up the monotony of bows crowding under our tree)


Here’s how to do it:

1. Measure out your paper.


You want the paper to come up about ⅔ of the height of the side of the package.


Cut the paper and center the gift. Flip your box over. Fold the paper up until it covers the bottom third of the present and tape.


Crease the edges and fold the rest of the paper over the present so that it overlaps the already covered part. Fold the excess paper and tape.


I like to leave a little overlap instead of bringing it all the way to the end. Because.


Alright! Four sides down, two to go!


There are two basic ways to fold the sides of a present. This is option one.

Place your present with the bottom up. Fold down the top flap and push it flat against the box. Crease the sides between your fingernails to make sharp edges.


Fold the edges into the center and crease again. Fold the bottom up to the center and tape it into place. You don’t have to but I like to fold the paper over once before I tape it so that it appears to have a cleaner line.


Cut the ribbon to four times the length of your box.


Voilà! Wrap and tie the ribbon in a pretty knot. Add accoutrements as desired.



Here is the second way to fold the edges. (No, I’m not giving someone a box of Target tissues. I just needed a box and it was hanging around.)


Again, start with the side where the paper meets. Fold up and crease just like on the last one. (Shown backwards in this picture because sorry.)


Tricky! Now this time you’re going to fold the top down to meet it.


Crease the edges so they’re nice and sharp looking. You can see in this picture that my paper isn’t entirely even on the side. You can easily fix this by folding the excess paper up and out of sight.


Repeat on the other side and then fold and tape together.


Easy peasy and it looks great! Go have a Christmas cocktail and then wrap the rest of your goodies. 




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