Gift Guide: Guys

None of the men in my life are crazy about bacon. They don’t live and die for Zelda or Mario. Lumberjacks they are not. If they’re grilling something it’s because my mom told them they couldn’t come back inside until it was done.

That means that roughly 95% of every gift guide meant for the guys in your life means entirely nothing to me. If your men-folk similarly have a penchant for not being into trendy man things, this guide has a few ideas for the real man who lives a life that doesn’t start and end with bacon. Bacon.


1. watch ($198)

2. cheese kit ($25)

3. dog blueprint ($185)

4. stick and find buttons ($50 for 2)

5. DIY leather journal

6. slim wallet ($25)

7. Kanye card ($5)

8. DIY shave cream 

9. baseball cufflinks ($170)

10. DIY jumbo Jenga ($65)

Some of these things are way more expensive than I’m willing to pay. A blueprint of a dog for almost $200? Yikes. But I like to pretend that I’m pretty crafty so something like that I’m probably going to turn into a DIY because I like those better anyway. That wallet? I’m pretty sure I can make that too. If you want some help figuring out ways to DIY a gift that is above your budget, let me know. I’m happy to try to help.


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