My Picks: Holiday Season Movies

You might have gathered by now that I watch a lot of movies. Generally I just rewatch my favorites (you don’t want to be in the same room as me when I watch quote Elf in it’s entirety-including the music!). I’m trying to get better about seeing new things though so here are the 7 movies I’m most looking forward to seeing this holiday season.


1. The Theory of Everything chronicles the lives of Stephen Hawking and his wife as they cope with the progression of his disease. Not entirely factual but it’s getting a lot of Oscar buzz already.

Most excited for: Eddie Redmayne. Be still my heart! I’ve been a fan since Les Mis.


2. Listen Up Philip is a black comedy staring Jason Schwartzman. He plays a self centered writer forced to interact with his girl friend and friends and most of all himself.

Most excited for: A little bit of cynical indie flair in an otherwise very mainstream list. Could go either way.


3. Horrible Bosses 2  The same group of nuts from HB1 decides to embrace their criminal nature and kidnap the son of a rich guy they don’t like to ransom him. Team up with the son, hilarity ensues?

Most excited for: Chris Pine and Kevin Spacey. Game over. Good movie to take my brothers to for family bonding time.


4. The Imitation Game is another biographical film. This time the subject is Alan Turing the closeted mathematician turned code-breaker who was crucial to the Allies success in World War 2 and was then criminally prosecuted for homosexuality.

Most excited for: Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) stars and did I mention it’s Oscar season?


5. A Merry Friggin Christmas something about a son and a father who don’t get along having to go on a trip at Christmas and bonding.

Most excited for: honestly, this doesn’t look outstanding but it’s one of Robin Williams’s last films and in my mind anything he touched was gold regardless of commercial success.


6. Inherent Vice is a private eye story when private eye stories are becoming obsolete. There’s a mystery involved but most of the story seems to be commentary on shifting heroes from renegade to officer.

Most excited for: Joaquin Phoenix evokes the most emotion I have ever seen without doing anything. I am convinced that you could literally watch this with no sound and still understand the entire plot thanks to JP.


7. Big Eyes last biographical film, I promise. This is the story of the painter Margaret Keane and her husband who claimed credit for her work.

Most excited for: Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams are perfectly cast against each other and Keane’s haunting paintings throughout the film should prove lasting.


Images via (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


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