Packing Guide: Vegas


At what point can you officially declare yourself an over-packer? For a LONG time I reigned over that party. But what if it rains? I should clearly bring 2 pairs of rain boots, a few rain jackets, a hat, an umbrella, a change of clothes, a waterproof bag….or it might snow! Bring on the snow suit and skis. But then again there may be a hot tub…bathing suit in the bag and maybe a spare for good measure. It’s not a pretty picture but you get it. I was an over-packer.

Since 2014 has been my year o’travel I’ve been working hard to get the art of packing down to a science. For 3 weeks in Peru, I made do with an Adidas workout bag and a backpack. For 7 weeks in Europe, all I had was one (filled to the brim) carry-on. This weekend I’m going to Las Vegas for the first time and as I was planning out my packing list I found myself loading up my bag like I was never going to see another store. Bad habits are hard to break! But I’m trying.

Here’s how I’m packing for this trip:

1. Listing activities. I need clothes for 2 flights, 1 visit to the Hoover Dam, 1 brunch, 3 dinners, 2 shows, 1 shopping trip, and 1 night of exploring.

2. Figure out generally what I need for each. 

For flights I like jeans and comfortable shirts with slip-ons and a sweater. I always bring a scarf big enough to double as a blanket and a pair of socks so I can take my shoes off. Classy, I know.

The Hoover Dam gets an outfit similar to the flights since it involves an few hours in the car and that demands comfort.

Shows and dinner get dressier outfits: dresses, slacks, blouses, heels. Maybe a little jewelry but (most of mine is still in the mess of a storage unit somewhere so…) probably not.

Brunch, shopping, and walking around should be somewhere between the two: dress with flats, jeans and a blouse.

3. Get the specifics. 

Tshirts-2 (I have a black shirt and a white one. One for each plane ride and I’ll wear one to the Hoover Dam)

Jeans-1 (One is plenty. I only brought one pair to Europe for 7 weeks and I was fine-the people next to me on public transport may not have agreed.)

Blouses-3 (I have two long-sleeved button downs and one knit peplum top)

Jackets-2 (It’s supposed to rain when we go to the Dam so I have a rain slicker and then a blazer for the rest of the time)

Sweater-1 (I’m always cold and I normally sleep in this one so it comes everywhere with me)

Dress-1 (It’s pretty and fancy and has a shiny buckle. I like it a lot)

Jumpsuit-1 (This is the best thing in the entire world. I use it as a jumpsuit and as pants, the button downs are great for this)

Shoes-2 (I’m bringing purple Toms flats because I wear them all of the time and a pair of Sam Edelman wedges that I would walk anywhere in)

Jewelry-3 (In keeping with the gold theme from the accent on my dress, I’m bringing some shell earrings, a black pleather and gold bracelet, and a dangly vintage necklace handed down from my grandmother. Not to be worn all together).


So with just those items, I have 8 separate outfits that can be reworked quite a few ways, dressed up or down, and now I don’t have to spend any more time worrying about what I’m going to wear and I can go have some fun in Vegas!


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