DIY Ballet painting


Christmas is my jam. My favorite favorite thing to do is to give gifts. Thoughtful gifts that show I’ve been paying attention and care. So the gift planning starts now.

The best way, I think, to give perfect gifts is to make them yourself. I found this watercolor tree print and have been trying to find a way to incorporate it into my gift giving.

Inspiration struck in the form of an error so I ran with it.


Follow the steps from the tree tutorial until the part where you let it dry. I dropped a piece of paper onto my painting while it was drying and it wound up smearing the paint into a blur. Instead of painting branches and a trunk, I used the “leaves” as a background and painted over the water colors with a contrasting bright color. I chose a ballet design to possibly use as a gift for some friends but anything is possible. A letter print, an animal, or an anatomical print over the background would also look great.

I’ll need a few more drafts before it qualifies as gift worthy but I’m excited to see how these come out.



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