Pumpkin Gingersnap Cookies


Over the weekend my dad and I spent an hour wandering around Bed, Bath, and Beyond trying out everything that we could find. That place is Pandora’s box. It’s a music box according to my dad and the CD testing station’s sing-along adventure. We found a cutting board in the shape of Brazil, Hanukkah puppy lights (?), and my personal favorite, a Gator cooler with a well-placed strap which conveniently allowed it to convert between cooler and fanny-pack (even cooler).


Needless to say, our exploration was curbed by my appetite so we packed it on up with our goodies in tow and made our way to Se7en Bites Bakery.


Just wow! Se7en Bites had so much more than I expected. Their baked goods (Sweet and savory) were just as diverse as their a la carte options and they have an entire vegetarian menu. Swoon! I opted for an iced coffee and a pumpkin gingersnap cookie and my dad went for a coffee and an individual chocolate-peanut butter-bacon pie (for my mom, of course). The food was great (the only thing better was the staff). So great in fact that I haven’t been able to get those cookies off my mind. Here’s my attempt at them (recipe from Two Peas and Their Pod) although these have nothing on the soft molasses goodness of Se7en Bites’s.



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