Costumes in your closet: Part 2

In case you didn’t get enough selfies yesterday, let’s round out today with a few more in the form of easy costumes I found in my closet.


A Frenchman/woman


The black pants and striped shirt are too cliche. Change things up with striped anything and lots of accents. Any classy looking hat will do, even if it’s not a beret! Just add an oversized bag and trench and some surly looks-you’ll be good to go.


The Classics: Holly Golightly 


You can never go wrong with the classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. All you need is a little black dress, some pearls, and an up-do. My jewelry is buried in storage so I just went without. Same goes for gloves so I substituted with black stockings. Accent with winged eyeliner and a rolled up sheet up piece of paper for a cigarette.


The Classics: Marilyn Monroe

IMG_7353 IMG_7354

Again, can you ever go wrong with Marilyn Monroe? It’s easy to do, red lipstick, dark mascara, a drawn on mole and you’re done. When curling your hair for this look, make sure to turn the curler towards the front to get her signature curl. Finish with a white dress and a pout and you’re ready to go.




This one is a reference to a friend trying to compliment the dress and finally just telling me that I looked like a barcode and then walking away. I will never let him live it down and Halloween seems like as good a time as any to celebrate that.


Whatever you choose to do, good luck with your costume. I hope you’re inspired to reuse what you already have. Share your best #closetcostume on Instagram so I can see someone’s face other than my own!


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